The most popular games in the world of excitement

Slots are the most vibrant games of the 21st century. They are like flashes of fire attract new players. Indeed, this is the age of technology and it does not stand still. And thanks to this, no matter where you are, you can always play an interesting game remotely.

Old devices with faded pictures and a quiet creak have long been out of fashion. The trend is handsome people with 3D – relief graphics, breathtaking special effects and interactivity. The film industry has contributed to its vision and contribution to the development of new models. But at the same time, old people who have already become classics of the genre: roulette, poker – remain favorites. They are not subject to time. The list of popular slots was based on the preferences of users who, by their sympathy, chose a particular game. Most of them you can play online at pin up casino.


The slot Hitman introduced to the court of gamers Microgaming. It immediately won the hearts of foreign gamblers. This is not surprising, because the machine works according to the script of the popular game of the same name. The developers managed to combine a video game with a slot machine function in the terminal. Here is everything that your heart desires for a hired killer: poison, knife, gun. Any weapon can lead to victory.

Iron Man 2

A player without comics is no longer a player. And here, in this part, the main character comes to life. And now Tony Stark is ready to fight for the honor of handing a prize to what is sitting on the other side of the terminal screen. 5 reels, 25 lines and Marvel is ready to bring good luck in the form of a big win. This game is easy to find, especially if you turn to the mobile versions of online casinos. Gorgeous graphics, great sound. All kinds of chips in entertainment. Here even heavy weapons come into play. And where there are weapons, there are men. Where men are, there is excitement. And where there is excitement, there is victory. Such a simple explanation why this game adorns us list.

X men

Heroes vs villains, The Heroes vs Villains round is a bomb. Professor Xavier nervously smokes on the sidelines. 5 reels, 25 lines, many accompanying tricks and functions. It explains everything. Wild- and scatter-symbols, an additional round called X-Feature is unlikely to allow the game to pass without a single emotion. Personal account, settings, game tournaments will not leave anyone indifferent. And if you are a complete beginner, then welcome to the free version to understand the principle of the game.

The incredible Hulk

Is that familiar? That’s the same. This means that the gambling of the Incredible Hulk slot will hook and spin you. The more anger, the closer the victory – is not it? You will have to manage a huge green mutant, which the unprecedented power carries to the nines of the cops machine. This giant brings the player a multiplier. Special functions, opening scatter symbols. Get ready for the spreading Hulk. Mutation and anger. This game is for strong gods, not for simple clumsy people.

Thunder-struck 2

Romantic start and lightning strike. And voila, in front of you is a guy with a hammer, ready for anything to win. All this is Thunderstruck II, the hero of the same film. This unit has high resolution, chic graphics and excellent sound effects. And the slot on 243 lines will simply be strewn with prizes and gifts. And that is not all. Accompanying games are a nice bonus for those who like to have some fun.


Third place of honor. Terminals can fill all space. It doesn’t matter where the casino is located: in the ground premises or in the virtual space, even if it is just in your mobile, the old woman – roulette is right there. This is a story game whose roots go far, far. The rules are simple: it’s worth putting a token on that number. Who liked and wait for his luck. You can select numbers in the range 0 – 36, or even 00.