Messy bets and express betting

One of the main signs of a newbie is hectic rates. Players put on all events, not really understanding any of the sports. Below are the basic principles of the correct choice of rates. Naturally, they do not guarantee you the gain of each bet, but will help to avoid unnecessary defeats.

First of all, place your bets on events that you are good at.

Yes, you understand, and not just recently heard that Manchester United is the champion and smashing everyone, and some Fulham is a clear loser. Secondly, the presence of the tournament table at hand does not guarantee you one hundred percent guessing the outcome of the match. What matters here is not the tournament table, but the possession of comprehensive information about the teams: player injuries, functional state of the leaders, team priorities and so on. If you own this information, then analyze the match and put on the correct outcome.

You see a line in front of your eyes.

In this case, you need to select the necessary events. Putting on events of a sport in which you do not understand is a sure way to failure. Extremely carefully select events and group them according to the degree of confidence in the result. Your confidence must be supported by logic and intuition, if available.

Another common misconception is that, looking at coefficient rates, even without really understanding sports, you can predict the outcome of an event.

The coefficient exposes the bookmaker, and it’s far from a fact that he does it on the basis of the real state of affairs. Sometimes the manipulation of the coefficients is done intentionally, most often through the negligence of bookmakers. Yes, we are often attracted by the coefficient, but this is where the logic and intuition should work. It is necessary to go to the bookmaker’s office with one hundred percent certainty about what you will bet on. On the Internet, it is no less significant.

Here is a list of information that the player must know about the teams:

  1. Tournament situation.
  2. The balance of the games of guests on the road and owners.
  3. Results of recent team meetings.
  4. The history of the relationship teams.

And the last tip: always be confident in the chosen outcome. Do not change your decisions at the last moment, standing at the window of the bookmaker office. The advice of others is only trying to confuse you. And use some reliable companies to make sure that you will be able to win. PinUp betting is some good choice in the world of betting.

Express betting

Express is a bet on guessing one or several outcomes at the same time. The coefficients are multiplied together. This provides an opportunity for a very big win on a very small bet. It is this potential that attracts customers.

According to statistics, 85% of players periodically use express trains.

Often it happens that one unsure match spoils the picture of the whole express and deprives you of the profit from the guess results. Therefore, enterprising bookmakers have invented a system – a set of several express trains. In this case, you can insure against one unsuccessful outcome. With 100% guessing, the winnings will be less than when betting on one express. Express trains, in particular systems, increase the bookmaker’s profit and reduce the player’s expectation. The probability of winning a large amount of express money is negligible. Winning big money in express is akin to winning the jackpot in the lottery. But there are also such cases, for example 1 to 500 and 1 1550.

It should be said that often bets on express cards are used by those who do not know how to manage money. Such clients put their last money at a large ratio, which most likely will never play, thus collecting a “shirt by string” for the bookmaker. Therefore, if you want to get a stable income – use the ordinary. If you accidentally opened the gift of clairvoyance, and you are sure about the outcome of the match, then the express with a crazy coefficient – exactly what you need.